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Founded in 2013, Rising Stars Property Solutions CIC began by offering a cleaning service. It has now grown to become one of the largest third sector property service companies within the Midlands offering services in construction, gardening, clearance and cleaning.

Whilst being able to deliver a comprehensive range of services we are also able to help our communities and customers gain maximum social and economic value. Rising Stars was personally recognised by the Prime Minister for working with marginalised groups within disadvantaged communities, for recognition for civil society and Social Enterprise UK.


Working with our partners has helped us to employ ex-offenders, recovering substance users and supply many people a unique training course to help them move closer to full time employment.

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What separates Rising Stars from other property service companies?

  • We are a not–for–profit organisation.​

  • We are recognised social enterprise award winners in our approach to the local community, the environment, our partners and the people we serve.​

  • We offer value for money as well as great added social value.​

  • We are an all-in-one service provider, offering a wide range, from cleaning services to infection control.


Rising Stars Property Solutions CIC provides work experience to not only disadvantaged groups, but people who want to increase their prospects of gaining employment.


Work experience locks in further potential by building useful skills within the construction industry and further, that people would not usually have access to.


If you’re interested in becoming a partner, or are looking for work experience, get in touch today!

Employment  Opportunities

The search for employment by some marginalised groups is hard in a highly competitive marketplace.


For example, older job seekers and carers may be less flexible in their working hours; those with disabilities may require additional support in the workplace; long term unemployed may need to update their skills and qualifications as a result of their absence from the labour market.
Rising Stars works with partners to enable those who are disadvantaged to gain paid, full and part time employment.



Rising Stars Property Solutions CIC is set up to provide work experience, training and employment opportunities to marginalised groups.

We work within four main industries, construction, cleaning, clearance and gardening, and because of this we are able to offer training opportunities to individuals furthest from employment.


We reach out to offer more individuals gain new skills and help them gain valued certifications that employers look for.

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We’re proud of Rising Stars, because many of our staff have come to us as volunteers or through work placements, and been offered sustainable employment with Rising Stars.


We have recognised the individual talent and passion in each person regardless of their background.


We reinvest our profits into capacity building for our staff by providing training solutions to help them further enhance their skills whilst overcoming barriers to employment.

Our mission is to create employment and training opportunities for people from disadvantaged communities who would typically face barriers to employment.

Our vision is to see all those that are currently far from employment become employable with relevant, current skills and qualifications. We do this by providing employment opportunities, training and work experience.

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