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CSCS Card Training

Rising Stars Property Solutions CIC partnered with Engie, and successfully took part in project Kickstart. Kickstart is an employability and training programme where the most marginalised groups within society have the opportunity to gain credible training (CSCS cards, Asbestos Awareness, Face Fits, Health and Safety Level 1) leaving them with the skills they need to gain long term employment.


The successful piloted project saw Rising Stars, local job centres and HMP Hewell work cohesively to offer category D prisoners and the long term unemployed the opportunity to embark on the project. As a collective we want to reduce the UK’s high re-offending rate whilst also helping to bridge the labour gap that the UK may face due to Brexit, the Coronavirus pandemic and a shortage in construction skills.

Rising Stars believe that an offender who spends their time engaged in productive and purposeful work is more likely to get a job when they are released, be better prepared for life on the outside and also less likely to re-offend. “This will mean there are fewer victims and less crime” (MOJ) Project Testimonials


“Titch is the best worker we have onsite. We will be having him until the end of the build” John Boyle, Engie, Contracts manager.


“I am glad to see the start of the project being so successful. The feedback we have received is better than we expected. We were very wary as the clientele is a touchy subject. However, if we can grab them whilst they are still open for change we may be able to kickstart a new positive future. With the rolling out of the 2012 social value act I believe the construction industry wants to and is willing to change and incorporate third sector suppliers into their supply chain”. Chief Executive Officer , LaToyah Lewis

“Thank you for the opportunity, I am now in full time employment and I’m supporting my family which is all I have ever wanted” Titch, Ex-Offender


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