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Eviction Clearances

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From a simple declutter to a full house clearance, let us do it for you!

It doesn't matter how great the clutter, our team will clear whatever you need at a date and time convenient for you and take it all away quickly and professionally. Using Rising Stars Property Solutions CIC will help with your  property clearance needs in preparation for the sale of your home, or end of tenancy. We can help with clearances including garages, sheds, offices and gardens too. 


Our house clearance team will remove any unwanted furniture, bulky items and clear any rubbish left behind after home improvements or building works. Some people may find it too difficult to clear out a bereaved home, here’s where Rising Stars will offer support, and respectfully clear the home, giving you all the time you need.

Why choose Rising Stars for your Eviction Clearances?

A lot of our work is usually an entire house clearance or hoarder clearing, but we will gladly remove single items as well. We understand how houses and family lives work and how they are often busy. We will work at a time that suits you best to offer you a safe and quiet clearance, or can even arrange a day where the house is free.


Are you thinking of hiring a skip? Don’t bother! Rising Stars will not only take the rubbish, but also do the hard work and clearance for you! Skips can become quite costly and time consuming to fill. Get in touch with us today and  we will provide a free, no obligation quotation.

Let’s Work Together!

38 Marlborough Street, Walsall,

West Midlands, WS3 2HZ


01922 277117

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