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Fly Disinfestation


Unless you have a fly management strategy already in place, the presence of even a couple of flies can be bad news for your home or building. Did you know, a female fly can lay between 100 to 120 eggs at a time, and about 80% of these will hatch out to produce more flies in as few as seven to eight days, creating a vicious cycle.

Why do you need fly disinfestation?

Flies are bad news whether you find an infestation in your home or business. If left untreated, flies can spread bacteria (such as salmonella, typhoid and e.coli) and disease; in fact, about 120 different diseases have been found in flies, with more than half of these harmful to human health. Professional fly control treatment will guarantee a long term solution to your fly problem.

Rising Stars Property Solutions CIC will check every inch of the building to find the source of the problem and will eradicate this as soon as possible. Flies can be very particular about where they lay their eggs, and will find the ideal microclimate to create a fly nest. 

 The best way to manage flies is to make it part of the cleaning and disinfection routine. Rising Stars can be hired to eradicate any flies that emerge from untreated areas, or that find their way into the room. The team are fully vetted, and are trained in handling any substances used to eradicate the fly issue.

Why choose Rising Stars for your Fly Infestation problem?

We will make you aware of any routine good housekeeping practices to remove flies in the house and potential fly breeding areas. We can arrange regular inspections so any issues can be treated swiftly before becoming an infestation. Are you worried about a potential fly infestation? No need to worry! Give us a call today.

Let’s Work Together!

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