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Infection Control

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Are you in need of a safe and clean environment for yourselves and staff? Well look no further because we provide an infection control service to both the public and private sector. We use disinfectant that has been tested in various academic environments throughout the world and has been proven conclusively to kill all traces of HIV, Hepatitis B, and MRSA.


The health secretary recently stated that “antimicrobial resistance is a global problem”. With infection control at its highest in recent government topics, Rising Stars’ sanitization service will enable you to keep those germs at bay and live and work in a clean environment that is acting to keep you safe as well as clean, especially during a pandemic.Our qualified technicians are equipped to carry out infection control within any environment including schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, GP surgeries, nurseries, dentists and offices to sanitise and decontaminate the immediate environment and kill the source before it has a chance to incubate and spread.

Why choose Rising Stars for your infection control?

Our staff are fully trained in this area, and use the best possible equipment for the job. All staff members ensure to wear correct uniform and PPE and have ID cards if needed. We can offer a private service bespoke to your needs, and will provide long-term protection against the re-emergence of bacteria via a range of treatments. On request, we can show you how much bacteria was present before and how much after the job has been completed.

Let’s Work Together!

38 Marlborough Street, Walsall, West Midlands, WS3 2HZ

01922 277117

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