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Kickstarter Campaign

If you're interested in partnering with Rising Stars Property Solutions CIC, or would like to hear more about our employment and training opportunities, please get in touch today. 

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Rising Stars Property Solutions CIC received funding from the Government scheme ‘Kickstart‘ to help local 16-25 year olds find employment. The campaign delivers a comprehensive range of services, helping communities, employees and customers to gain maximum social and economic value.


The campaign started back in October 2020 when the founder, Latoyah Lewis, announced that her goal was to help those struggling to gain a career. People who already have great experience may not struggle to find their dream job, however, people who haven't been as fortunate in their job search and experience may have to settle for less. 


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of young people have unfortunately been made redundant. Rising Stars are employing young adults whose jobs have become obsolete in order to better their skills and employability. 


Although the company's main focus is construction, gardening, clearance and cleaning, there are still plenty of roles available within the admin, marketing and accounts sector. 

Although Rising Stars can’t promise to help everyone reach their dream job, we certainly put them on the right track. La’Toyah, Rising Stars founder, said:


There is only so much we can offer here at Rising Stars, although we’d love to be able to offer training to help every individual reach their goal, it’s just not possible for a small, non-for-profit company. We need the help of other companies to partner with us and offer training services to those looking to achieve their goals and become anything they want to be. No matter their age, race, gender or background.”

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