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Project Refresh 

If you're interested in partnering with Rising Stars Property Solutions CIC, or would like to hear more about our employment and training opportunities, please get in touch today. 


Rising Stars Property Solutions CIC introduced Project Refresh in partnership with our Painting and Decorating service. Participants spent 6 weeks learning a range of skills and qualifications needed to become employable in the painting and decorating industry such as:


- Prepping

- Decorating

- Understanding which tools are most useful for each task

- CSCS card

- Asbestos awareness

- Health & Safety Level 1

- Interview preparation


Following this, they spent 2 weeks working on a real painting and decorating job in order to gain credible skills and experience. Upon completion of the project, the individuals received employability support that will enable them to find a job within the construction sector or with ourselves.

With strategic planning and budgeting, we reinvest all profits into our staff and projects but without the help from our partners, this is not possible. If you’d like to know more about how you can partner with us, please get in touch


Rising Stars are proud to offer those who wouldn't usually get the opportunity within this field, the chance to gain employment. This, in turn, gives:

- Increased financial independence

- Empowerment and confidence 

- Breaking down cultures of unemployment 

- Greater understanding of the various roles within construction

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