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Void Works


A ‘void’ is an empty council property. A large amount of the work we do at Rising Stars Property Solutions CIC includes void works. We will inspect any maintenance works that are required before they are re-let. The property must be brought up to a 'minimum lettable standard', before being rented again. 

We produce a competitively short turnover for void properties and are skilled in delivering both minor and major voids. Our average turnaround time for all minor voids is less than 3 days. All works are always bespoke and budgeted to your needs and monitored for cost and quality assurance purposes, including post inspections and handover for every property.

Why choose Rising Stars for your Void Works?

We pride ourselves in the condition of the property once we have completed all works, and believe it exceeds requirements. The property will be safe and secure whilst we are working on it. Any waste will be disposed of by our team. The kitchens and bathrooms will be in a workable, clean condition ready for use as soon as possible. The property will be free from infestation and any antiviral works will be taken out on the property to stop the risk of virus spreading.

We understand that reducing turnaround times and expenses are a huge importance when it comes to void works. Rising Stars Property Solutions have a specialist team dedicated to property works. With a competitive reputation, our void works service can provide you with a complete, bespoke solution that includes repairing, refurbishing and securing your void properties. If you’d like more information, get in touch today!

Let’s Work Together!

38 Marlborough Street, Walsall, West Midlands, WS3 2HZ

01922 277117

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